Yes, please do. I would love you to see a class or 2 in action. It also helps you to be sure you like the classes. Please come and visit as often as possible before your next course starts. You are welcome to bring any family or friends along too.

Yes. Some dogs react badly at first, so by bringing them with you when visiting it gives them the chance to get the initial nerves out of the way.

Come along and visit the classes any Wednesday evening in Brookwood or Saturday morning but please contact me to check when the classes are running. I will also advise you which class will be the best to watch. If there are no classes running, e.g. Summer and Christmas holidays, please email me to discuss availability. I will ask for a £10 deposit when enrolling to secure your place.

No, I ‘d love you to come and see what I do.

I am happy for puppies and dogs to visit once you and your vet are happy for them to mix freely with other dogs. They can join the next available course after your vet says they can mix freely. If you come to visit please bring them with you.

Yes, providing they are aged 12 or over and physically capable of handling the dog.

No, it’s you I am teaching how to train the dog. If someone else is involved in your dog’s care and exercise, please encourage them to come and watch all the classes you come to. Please also teach them what you’re learning in class. If you are going to miss many sessions, please ask me about how best to catch up or doing your training privately at home.

Please leave her at home but come and watch to see what to be practicing at home.

No. Once a course has been started, refunds are not possible. This is because it is not possible to fill the place with a new client. Please be advised that the hire cost of the hall or field is not refundable to me once the course has started.